Gyrex 1.3 Changelog

If you want to have a more detailed into what has changed with Gyrex 1.3, here’s the Changelog

gyrex 1.3 changelog (compared to 1.2)

– complete maven build support
– bundle directory restructuring
– fixed unit tests
– introduced SystemSetting concept for better property access (Gunnar)
– Console command for updating context service filters
– introduce try-with-ressources
– Job definitions by annotations
– inject job params and logger
– Support Jersey’s per request tracing using X-Jersey-Trace-Accept header
– make JMX connector start async
– add latency of jetty requests to log
– support WebServlet annotation in ScanningJaxRSApplication
– Gyrex admin ui: enhancements in job page
– Updates: Eclipselink 2.6, Gemnini JPA 1.2
– Jetty 9.1 Servlet 3.1
– Bug 411016: Introduce Solr cloud repositories and configuration
– distributed event bus
– Updates: RAP 2.3
– Bug 413417: Fallback to “invalid” if there is not job id on load
– Bug 432561: Compute and store node addresses in ZooKeeper
– websocket based event transport
– Update: Equinox 3.10


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