Website Update and Tutorials Published

Hurray, long story short, I finally managed to switch the Gyrex website to the new default template as well as structure. Here is a copy of the posting I just sent to the Gyrex newsgroup.


Today I published some updates to our main website. We now use the new
default look on the landing page as well as the default page structure.

Together with the update I also started creating better tutorials as
well as some simple screen casts. All is available through our new
documentation "hub"

If you have any recommendations please let me know!


So yes, we are making progress. Stay tuned for some more announcements now that I got some cycles to work on the interesting stuff again.

Oh and btw, we now have this:



Gyrex is alive!

Great news guys, Gyrex is alive. Our name change review got approved and CloudFree will now be renamed to Gyrex.

Meet us at EclipseCon! There will be a BoF on Monday evening (Room 201, 20:45-22:00). The scheduling is a bit unfortunate because there is the Jetty BoF in parallel. We make heavy use of Jetty so I’d love to attent this BoF too. Maybe we can finish a bit earlier and join the Jetty BoF later?

See you @ EclipseCon! 🙂