Gyrex 1.1 Released as part of Juno

It’s the second time Gyrex participated in the Eclipse Simultaneous Release Train. We released our 1.1 version together with Juno.

Gyrex 1.1 can be downloaded here:

The release review slides as well as the IP log is available here:

We also added new tutorials together with this release:

New Administration UI

Gyrex 1.1 contains a complete re-work of the Administration UI. This was possible because of some interesting new features in RAP 1.5. Gyrex is Built On RAP.

In addition to the Admin UI, logging and debugging has been improved in this release as well as the ZooKeeper connection recovery. Gyrex includes the latest Jetty 8.1.4 and Equinox 3.8 (Juno) versions.


Gyrex 1.0 Available

It’s my pleasure today to announce the general availability of version 1.0 of Gyrex. It’s a great milestone that finally brings us out of incubation. It emphasizes the fact the Gyrex is used in production today. We’ve been using it for a couple of years now.

Gyrex 1.0 can be downloaded here:

The release review slides as well as the IP log is available here:

I’m currently update the administration guide with the new features. There is also some interesting stuff in the pipeline for our upcoming 1.1 release that will be part of Juno. As always, please don’t hesitate to open bugs on issues you came across or leave feedback in this blog and/or on the forum.

Happy downloading!

Gyrex 0.11 Available

A few days ago we silently published the official repo for our second official Eclipse release. Gyrex 0.11 is now available. The IP log as well as the release review slides are available here.

Gyrex 0.11 can be downloaded here:

There is also a change in our development plan. Gyrex is now used in quite a few production deployments so we feel it’s time aiming for our 1.0 release together with graduation in March 2012. There is still some interesting new stuff we are working on for our 1.0 release.  But the main API has been stable for quite a few months now. Stay tuned!